Monday, April 10, 2006

Rambles and Mumbles

Been a long time. 2 months and 3 days to be more precise. And I've been too busy and then too bugged and soon too frustrated to be in mood to jot anything. I still am a li'l aloof and so have no idea what to write about. But then I thought I'll just do the ramblings and mumblings on a text file rather than in my mind, so that I have something to post at least. Well, here I go. Get bugged. Feel frustrated. Kill yourself. I don't care. And thanx in advance for not blaming me for it :)

I posted last on my birthday. So lemme start with that. My birthday.

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It wasn't something great, but it was a nice one. All my friends and cousins and uncles and aunts wished me, by phone or by sms. Oh, don't be of the impression that I have loads of them though. Just a few good friends and relatives. In fact, more of my girlfriend's friends wished me than my own old friends. Funny, eh? But that's how it's been always. My friends never remember my birthday. Even in school, I used to wish all my friends for their birthdays…and send them cards etc. And they used to be like.. "Wow! You remembered!" That was good enough to make me happy. I never cared if they did the same to me. I was more excited when I used to get cards from unexpected sources. Like the one I got from Parry's, the toffee company who had conducted some game once and I had participated. They sent me a sweet li'l card on my following birthday, which totally made my day!

Well, that was a long time ago when Internet and websites were a distant dream. Today, to be frank, I get most of the birthday wishes from the umpteen websites I have registered with. They don't make me feel special 'coz I know, unlike the one somebody at Parry's sent me, it's an auto-generated e-card and lacks any human emotional value.

Anyway, this year, the company where I work also celebrated my birthday, making me cut a yummy cake and smearing my face with some and giving me a small gift etc. Then when I went home, my sweetheart gave me a tiny party too...with just the 2 of us. It was a really sweet one and is something I always look forward to :) Then I went to my aunt's place and they made me cut yet another cake and had dinner there and hogged on a lot of ice cream for dessert too.

Well, that was my birthday. A simple and nice day.

At work however, things have been a mixture of feelings. I have been going through a lot of pressure and some fun and quite a lot of irritations and frustrations. Am into designs and stuff, and so my job is a lot more pleasant than the coding and programming team here. Well, for me at least, it is. I enjoy the work when deadlines are set. Keeps me engaged the whole time, with no time for worries. That's the only way I can keep my mind from wandering into the unwanted territories. So I enjoyed those days at work. But once I finished those works, a lot of stuff came up which were highly irritating. And something the company was to do for us in February, is still pending. So I have been pushed into the frustration zone and there I still linger. Not a pretty sight, I tell you.

Ok, forget that. Now what else happened in the 2 months and 3 days? Ummm... well, after a long wait, I got a new phone. A Sony Ericsson K750i. Quite a gadget. A cool 2MP camera with loads of options, just like a regular digicam, a cool mp3 player that comes with my favorite MegaBass option from Sony (it's become a replacement for my Creative Nomad MuVo, which by itself is a cool gismo), a good FM tuner and a great, superfast processor which renders 3D games damn nice. Wanted a Nokia as am too used to them, but then nothing was available that could beat the K750i for its image and sound quality. Oh yeah, am a gadget freak and am pretty happy with the one I got :)

I watched a few movies too which I really enjoyed. Will write about them in the next post. And you can read it if you haven't killed yourself by the end of this. Ha! Ha!! (snort! snort!)

In the last 10 days, my parents were with me and it was their 30th wedding anniversary on the 4th of April. So, as a celebration, we planned a short trip with a few friends and relatives to Coorg, a district at the Karnataka-Kerala border. It's known for its incomparable scenic beauty, lush green valleys, coffee plantations, teak wood forests & majestic mountain ranges. It was a nice trip, in a group of 9. The climate there has however changed a lot now which I presume is inevitable considering the global warming. And the roads of course were horrible too and that left everybody too tired for much walks and treks. The trip could have been better, but still it was a good one and is one I made after a real long time. A much needed break from this city pollution and traffic.

Talking of this city, those who have known Bangalore a few years earlier, would be crying inside now to see its plight. This place has changed so much. I remember how pleasant the days used to be here back in 1999. Throughout the day, throughout the year, we used to wear a jacket and go out. I still have many jackets I bought back then, now rendered useless. The place has become so horribly hot and polluted that during weekends we prefer to stay at home rather than get burnt alive outside. The temperatures that used to vary from 14C to 27C now swing between 19C and 37C. The sales of air conditioners, coolers, fans and refrigerators were never this huge here. People are switching to whites, lights and cottons from the ever-fashionable denims and corporate dressings. The daily travel to work and back is like a test of patience and self-control. While reaching the office on time is the greatest achievement of the day, finding a parking space for the vehicle on a weekend is that of the whole week. The once green garden city is now the city of a lot lesser trees; and never-ending traffic jams, flyover constructions, potholes and road repairs and corrupted politicians, government employees and cops. And even with all these bottlenecks, the cost of living here is soaring sky-high. Shopping malls just pop up like mushrooms.

I once had a dream of settling down in Bangalore, but now, am not so sure. Don't blame me for that. Am allergic to heat...and dust...and pollution...and crowded places ...and...irritating people...

Oh, shuddup!


sins... said...

so got a lil alert when i said am gonna boycott eh? atlest abel to put some fear into u;o)
lots happend during this months na?
u had someting to look fwd 2 each day..i remember the day u got your fone,i realized that it had become your mistress;o)nwaz...not for long..(he..ha..ha...evil laugh;o))
u got a trip u luck bum..i'v forgotten waht a trip means...its ok i guess,u needed that trip real bad...ok i dont know what else to comment...but do post alrite,dont make me boycott it again..
catch u on the next post...cya..

dotty_pixie said...

what a surprise!!a post a post..sinz finaly scared you huh??
u knw,dont worry abt it..this is somehow the season of hating urself and life and evrything in it nd whatevr..evrybdy i know is goin thru it..evry single body!so blame it on the planets..
ur fone lukz realy cool btw..:)