Monday, May 01, 2006

ESP (The Sixth Sense, Part 2)

ESP (ExtraSensory Perception) is most commonly called the "sixth sense". It is sensory information that an individual receives which comes beyond the ordinary five senses sight, hearing, smell, taste, and touch. It can provide the individual with information of the present, past, and future; as it seems to originate in a second, or alternate reality.

There are theories concerning individuals who possess ESP and how they acquired this ability. One theory holds that some people such as seers, prophets and diviners were bore with the gift, which was inherited by their relatives. Another theory hold that it is a primordial sense which has decreased in populations as their cultures advanced. Still another theory claims ESP is a supersense, which evolves in the nervous system.
That was just for your reading pleasure. Am in no way trying to claim my 15minutes of fame by saying I have a sixth sense and I can see the future. No. But like I mentioned in my previous post, I believe that the ESP, or sixth sense, is a part of everyone whether they like it or not. It is a normal part of the human psyche and not abnormal or reserved for special or gifted persons. Psychical research does support the theory that everyone is born with ESP capability, though some may possess more than others. Most people have experienced at least one ESP experience in their lives. Maybe many of us just don't give it a second thought, or just dismiss it saying, "I think I have had a deja vu of this!"

Think about it.

Anyway, here I continue to share a few more of my past experiences, 'coz they have always made me wonder.

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From 1993, fast forward to 1997-98, when I was undergoing industrial training in Coimbatore (Tamil Nadu, India). I used to stay with my friend in a room provided by the company we worked for, and our lives used to be real boring unless we go out and watch a movie or spend time with other friends during the weekends. Every weekend we made it a point to meet another friend of ours who used to stay with his dad in another part of the city, and then all 3 of us together watch a movie. If that guy's dad went visiting the rest of the family back in their native land, we used to stay over for the weekend and all three of us used to have some fun.

One day, it so happened that we were totally bored and found ourselves with no options but to go stay at out friend's place, even if his dad's there. We took the bus and went all the way, and after getting down, we were walking to his place just talking. I suddenly felt something was weird and not right. I felt we won't be able to stay over at this guy's place and will have to go back to our room. I turned to my friend and told him so. He casually asked what could happen that we cannot be staying over there. And my reply was, "What if his mom and sisters have come from native?" My friend was cool and he told me not to worry 'coz that situation was very unlikely. Why would all of them come here all of a sudden anyway?

So we walked and reached our friend's house. We went up and knocked at the door. And what do we see? The door is opened by his mother!! I was so dumbfounded that I was speechless for a while. When I got back to my senses I realized that the whole family was present there having decided to enjoy the weekend together. Well, we just spent some time there with them and later went back to our room for the night.

There were two other incidents of "having a hunch", where I was meant to take a decision. In one I lost while the other saved our lives maybe.

The first one was when I had to leave my sick dog…a bitch (in the proper sense of the word) alone at home and go somewhere for a day. My mom and sister were with my grandparents and my dad and I were to join them. But my little pet, which I loved so much, was sick and she wasn't moving around much. I was worried about her and told my mom so when she called. But mom said it's alright and there's no need to worry as we would be back home the very next day, just a matter of few hours and she will be fine. I couldn't be sure though and thought of taking her along with us instead of leaving her all alone with no care, but later decided not to, 'coz I didn't want her to suffer due to the travel. So I left her with a cozy little mattress and food and water, hoping she would be fine, and went to my granny's place. But all the while I was really worried about something.

Next morning we left from there and on our way back just dropped in at my aunt's place. A few minutes after we reached there, my aunt's phone rang and the call was for my mom. I was suddenly gripped by this terrible fear something I didn't know. My mom took the phone and as she spoke I saw her face change too. Yup, our little bitch was dead, left all alone when she needed us most. I knew it was gonna happen, but I ignored it. And I had never been as sad in my life as I was that day.

The other one was when I had to go book tickets for my cousins and myself when 4 of us planned to go to our native together from Bangalore. At the ticket counter, the guy gave me tickets on the driver's side of the bus, somewhere in the rear half. That's never a safe place to sit when you travel long distance, coz buses and trucks from the opposite direction will be just ripping past you. One mistake and you could be the victim of a freak accident. I lost a friend in one such. He died coz he was in the wrong seat, and a truck from the opposite side suddenly lost control and hit the bus, exactly where he was seated. Ever since, I haven't really enjoyed traveling sitting on the driver's side of the bus. But sometimes, I don't bother much and just go with what's available.

When the guy at the counter offered me those seats, I didn't wanna ask him for a change and thought will settle for it, coz that was a festive season and getting tickets itself was a problem. But then something told me I should ask for seats on the other side. Even though I hesitated at first, I went ahead and asked him. He checked and finally I was able to get seats for all of us on the other side of the bus. It so happened that the bus we took met with an accident just about an hour before it reached the destination. Another bus coming from the opposite direction slammed into our bus right in the rear half of it, on the driver's side of course. It was a bad hit and a major part of our bus was ripped off. Many were injured, including us, though we escaped with minor ones. But a mother and daughter lost their lives in the accident. I later realized that they had occupied the seats somewhere where the guy had originally offered us.

Our luck was somebody else's bad luck. be concluded in next...


Kelvin said...

Kia Ora (Hello) from a krazy blogger down under in New Zealand. I thought the "little man in your head" was the sixth sense ??? Well, he is in my case. Very interesting reading. I'll be back.......
You can find my blogs via Google - key in "Krazy Kelvin", I'm feeling lucky !!!

rahian2k said...

ESP. It's hard to tell. One could argue still that the unexplainable might trigger the brain to dismiss it, to avoid the brain further stress.

It would seem natural that if we could send brainwaves, evolution would take 'develop' this feature. Does it exist? Yet to be found out.
My opinion? No.

sins... said...

like i said before..its kinda creepy.just imagin u hav a bad feeling about someting and it actually happens...ummm..i wudnt want that...guess there must be a explaination why some ppl get such thoughs..just beacuse u cant expalin it doesnt mean it not there right??

Smitha said...

hey..have not been arnd the blog world for a loong time..jus dropped by..havent yet read the ones i missed in the interim but thot i shud first comment on the NEW LOOK..its gud...:-)

Smitha said...

hmmm..interesting..but kinda creepy too..n i guess most ppl get these 'gut feeling' some time or the other in their lives..but most jus dont realise tht they knew it was diff life if v had the capability to foretell evrything??or mebbe it wudn have been diff at all..who knows..mebbe evrything tht happened happened coz it was meant to..mebbe u got those hunchse coz u were menat to n u made those decisions coz u were meant to..mebbe ur taking those decisions/ or knowing them before hand had been pre-destined so tht ur decisions actually didnt change anything coz everything was anyway meant to happen tht way!!!

confused??why do i have a 'hunch' tht u r gonna read this n think 'wat crap??' :-)

Raam Pyari said...

ahem ahem..
namaste jee

ketki said...

something unexplained!